Sussex Trail Events will hopefully be arranging informative talks throughout the year.

Kick starting this off we are pleased to announce:

Warren Pole founder of 33shake will be giving a free talk to anyone that is interested in attending, details of the talk are outlined below.

Date: 2nd July 2014

Venue: Northbrook College, Durrington Campus, Littlehampton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 6NU

Time: 7pm

After training, mindset and nutrition are the two most important qualities for success in endurance sports. Join Warren Pole, journalist, endurance junkie and co-founder of natural sports nutrition company 33Shake for an eye-opening presentation covering these two key areas.

Part 1: The Mind Game, endurance lessons from the world’s best

Having run 30-plus ultramarathons from the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc to the Marathon des Sables, Warren has an idea about what it takes to mentally tackle endurance. But as a journalist of 20 years who writes regularly on the subject he’s also had unique access to many of the world’s best elite performers from cyclists like Mark Cavendish and Sir Chris Hoy to ultrarunners like Sebastien Chaigneau and explorers like Ranulph Fiennes.

He’ll be sharing their wisdom to provide a world-class mental toolkit you can use for success when the going gets tough.

Part 2: The Biggest Myths in sports nutrition

Exposing the facts the sports nutrition companies would prefer you not to know including what’s really in their products, how it adversely affects your endurance performance, and the completely free fuelling source they’re not telling you about.

Having experienced terrible results with traditional nutrition products in his own racing, Warren dropped them all several years ago and saw an improvement. This, coupled with information from many elite athletes and an investigation into what was really in mainstream nutrition products lead to a search for a natural alternative and the founding of the world’s only 100% natural sports nutrition company for endurance, 33Shake (

Prepare to see your nutrition in a brand new light and to leave with the ultimate real-world nutrition strategy for genuine performance. 33Shake products will also be on sale at exclusive discounted rates

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